Welcome to Mulligal, the best place to buy and consign Women's New and Gently Used Golf Apparel at Amazing Prices!

Let's face it, golf can be an expensive sport.  Mulligal was created to provide Women golfers a place, to not only sell the golf clothing they do not wear and clutters their closets, but a great place to shop for new & resale apparel    It is simply the easiest way to shop and sell high-quality new & secondhand golf apparel.

Our founder, Chrissy Kaupie was inspired to start Mulligal due to a weight gain from Cancer Treatment.  Not wanting to pay a fortune for new golf clothes, she reached out to golfer friends who had changed sizes.  They gladly sent her their "old" items.  She wondered, why aren't we all doing this? 

Chrissy, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for the sport, decided to start Mulligal.   She wanted to share some of her passion by providing a simple and easy way to get yourself outfitted, but also a place to "recycle" those outfits that are being neglected.  Chrissy believes everyone should have convenient and affordable access to brands and looks you love that celebrate you and your individual style.   Often you can find the exact same options as in stores, but at up to 60, 70 even 80% off.   Not only will you save time, but money too!

Don't let old sizes or outfits you are tired of keep you off the course.   So shop, consign, share and let's get out there ladies and play!

Chrissy was born & raised in Wisconsin.  After many years away, spent in Vail, Colorado, Chicago & Cincinnati she returned to her hometown Wausau, WI.  She has a BS degree from University of Wisconsin & MBA from Loyola University-Chicago.   She is a former ski racer, hockey player & tri-athlete.  Her body told her it's time to stick to GOLF.